Mystic Chapel



"So much of Christian music today is shallow and sallow lyrically, theologically and musically.  We have here a remedy to all those ills."

Michael Newnham
Phoenix Preacher

"Might it sound odd to say their music reminds me of Phil Keaggy meets The Beach Boys... This is not today’s corporate American vanilla Coldplay-sounding megachurch music."

Mark Weber
Christian Music Makers

“... the tunes are strong, the music beautifully clear, and the packaging... is created artistically and with care.... this is a highly professional production with spiritual integrity, and a release with one foot in the seventies, but the other striding towards the future. “

- Derek Walker, Church of England Newspaper

“Mystic Chapel is like a softly pulsing jewel, easy to admire and gloriously constructed... If you liked Crosby, Stills and Nash or The Eagles, you’ll love this.”

- Stella Redburn, Cross Rhythms, UK